How to use your WordPress website

Important WordPress tips

  • Don’t paste in text from other websites or Word documents – use the “Paste as text” button in the toolbar to strip out the formatting.
  • Try not to go overboard formatting text with different colours and sizes – it can get out of control really easily and may not display nicely in other browsers or on mobile devices.
  • Keep the pages simple – think about what it will look like on a cellphone. Simple is best.
  • Use the in-built text formatting options – Headings, bullet points, bold text, etc. Lots of people skim read.
  • You’ll need to be able to resize photos before you add them to a page – images on websites are measured in “pixels”. Your website is probably around 900 pixels in width, so use that as a guide when resizing.

WordPress Tutorials

Here are some links to handy WordPress tutorials. I update this page from time to time, when I find good ones.

Editing Pages & Posts

Editing a page or post – Visual Editor:
Create a Post (blog):


Adding images:
Adding documents (eg. PDFs):


Adding images to a Gallery:
NextGEN documentation:


Adding email and website links:


Photoshop Elements
Elements is a simple, cheaper version of Photoshop to crop, resize and retouch your photos, ready to be added to your website.

Easy email newsletters.

Easy online surveys.

Make easy online forms.

Helps build responsive embed codes for embedding rich third-party media into responsive web pages.

Submissions made simple. Accept, review, and make decisions.

Manage your event website and mobile app in one place.

Search Engines & Search Engine Optimisation
November 13th, 2015

Search Engines & Search Engine Optimisation I used to do a lot of search engine optimisation, and here’s a nice easy list of things that I’ve learnt over the years. You can’t really expect to show up for lots and lots of search key-phrases, so discuss the main couple with me. A key-phrase is three […]

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