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baby-e Chief Director, Leon Dalziel has announced more dedicated services for the West Coast.

“I’ve been spending a lot more time on the Coast recently, and I quite like it”. Dalziel regularly commutes between Nelson and the West Coast and says he’s found being mobile works perfectly. “Sometimes clients will ring and ask where I am. I divert the office phones to wherever I happen to be, so nobody really knows if I’m here or there. Half the time I don’t know either”.

Dalziel heads baby-e, a New Zealand web design and e-commerce firm, and is able to efficiently run his business from either Nelson or the West Coast, enjoying the luxury of what both regions offer. “I took a couple days off last time I was on the Coast, and caught a decent feed of whitebait. When I’m in Nelson, I can hit the beach and work on my tan”. Dalziel is able to enjoy the best of both worlds and uses email, phone, online chat, video conferencing and internet file transfers to stay in touch with clients and cluster business partners.

Dalziel says his trips to the Coast have become more regular and last longer, and hasn’t had any real issues transitioning to being more mobile. “Now and then I’m not able to sit down and have a physical meeting, but it’s nothing a decent phonecall or video chat can’t fix”, he says. baby-e can now dedicate more resources and time to looking after West Coast clients and seeking new ones. He has even had Nelson clients and cluster business partners call in and “have a spell at the bach”, while they pass through. “Anyone’s welcome as long as they’ve got a good bottle of red or three, and they can shoot straight”.

He says it’s a great balance to be able to split time between the two areas. “When I’m at the bach I still put in a full day’s work, but I can head out when I’m done and cut a track, head down the beach, or get out and have a hunt. It’s nearly a full-time job keeping the bloody treebears [possums] in check!”, he laughs.