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As of April 1 2008, baby-e has become a limited liability company.

“It was time to get serious,” Director and Chief, Leon Dalziel said Friday. “My status as a sole trader has changed considerably over the last couple years, and becoming incorporated has reflected this”.

baby-e, a New Zealand web design and e-commerce firm, has been operating since 1999 covering Nelson and the West Coast.  The company has forged strong working relationships with other specialist businesses with complementary services and skills in the form of cluster partnerships.

Dalziel said the baby-e business structure has changed to serve the firm’s cluster partnerships more effectively. “I can now pull in specialised talent whenever I need to. Being a ‘sole trader’ didn’t really communicate this”, he said Friday. “It also expresses my ongoing commitment to clients”.

baby-e’s business services remain fundamentally the same, with the only notable change being a new GST number. The company will continue to evolve as its business increases and the market shifts into new areas.

With this in mind, baby-e is currently drafting an Environmental Policy which will explain its green business practices. It will be announcing some new cluster partnerships, and also launching more dedicated resources for West Coast clients.