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Press Release: baby-e Board of Directors Fires Board of Directors

1 April 2010

“Quite frankly, we’ve had a gutsful,” Nelson Director Leon Dalziel said Monday. Reports since late December 2009 reveal that two rogue West Coast directors have not been achieving the unusually high deadline-focused customer service expected from the firm. He went on to say, “I read on Twitter that they were generally larking about down there: climbing, surfing, hunting, diving and treating work hours like one big blimmin’ holiday. I’ve had to come in, rark them up and sort things out”.

baby-e, a New Zealand web design and e-commerce firm with offices in Nelson and the West Coast, provides internet services ranging from small-business websites through to fully-fledged e-commerce online shop solutions.

Sacked West Coast Director Leon Dalziel rebuffed comments from the Nelson Head Office: “Yeah nah, those suits up there in Nelson take things way too seriously, man. To be fair, its been a wicked summer. You should of seen the size of this crayfish I caught a couple weeks ago. She was a bloody beauty. I dunno what all the fuss is about”.

Nelson Director Leon Dalziel has stepped in to oversee day-to-day management and the West Coast office workflow. “They’ve left a hell of a mess. No wonder nothing was getting done down there. We turned up at the bach and sprung them pretty much doing bugger all”. He went on to say that valued clients in both regions could now expect quality personalised service again, “Moving forward, this holiday is over… things should be sweet again now”.

The disgraced West Coast directors are currently negotiating re-employment elsewhere in the firm.